About us

Charis Design Studio is a full service Interior Design firm with a view of rendering top quality service while maintaining a close, flexible work structure to accommodate our client’s needs and budgetary considerations.

Since inception, we have been creating elegant and efficient designs that interpret the beautiful imaginations of our clients at the same time bringing the functionality of the design to play. Our projects range from residential buildings spanning across to the corporate, educational, institutional and commercial sector as well.

Our holistic approach is excitingly creative, producing fresh and bespoke ideas, each design is unique, we give our clients room to explore their imaginations and we do just what they want within our design and creative strengths without compromising standards.

Our Vision

At Charis Design Studio, we believe that an elegant and efficient design is one that interprets the beautiful imaginations of a client at the same time bringing the functionality of the design to play. Our vision is to create a sync between our client’s imagination and our expertise.

Our Mission

Our aim is to create designs that depict the personality and image of our Clients. We imagine, conceptualize, develop and create exquisite designs and we never relent at ensuring that your ultimate desire is met.

Design is a creative expression of the human mind… A beautiful place to live in yet consciously bringing order to the unpredictable sequence of imaginations in reality …’        ––Charis Design Studio   

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